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  • Consultations can occur online in Switzerland and internationally or at your home if you live in Canton AG or ZH.

  • For in-home consultations, an additional travelling fee of 1 CHF/km will be charged if the client's home is outside a radius of 8 km from 5415 Nussbaumen AG.

  • The Initial Behaviour Consultation includes the production of a written report and behaviour modification plan.

  • All consultations include follow-up support via email or WhatsApp for a period of one month after the consultation.


  • Quick evaluation of your cat's behaviour and your concerns.


Key Points:

  • Brief introduction and understanding your goals for the consultation.

  • Quick overview of the cat's general behaviour and any specific issues.

  • Identifying which service might be most beneficial for your situation.

  • Opportunity to ask questions about the process and expected outcomes.

  • Setting the stage for a more in-depth consultation if needed.

  • Pre-Consultation Preparation:

    • Complete a detailed questionnaire about your cat's background, environment, and behaviours.

    • Provide videos of your cat’s behaviour, if requested, for a better assessment.

  • During the Session:

    • Analyze the information from the questionnaire and videos.

    • In-depth discussion of your concerns.

    • Observe your cat’s behaviour directly, if possible.

  • Post-Session:

    • Develop personalized strategies and solutions tailored to your cat’s specific behavioural issues.

  • Follow-Up:

    • Receive a comprehensive behaviour report summarizing findings and recommendations.

    • Benefit from one month of follow-up support via email or WhatsApp to monitor and adjust strategies for effective implementation.

  • Purpose:

    • Evaluate progress following the Initial Behaviour Consultation.

    • Make necessary adjustments to the behaviour plan.

  • Key Activities:

    • Assess the effectiveness of strategies implemented from the Initial Consultation.

    • Discuss any changes observed in your cat's behaviour.

    • Answer any questions and address concerns you may have.

  • Outcome:

    • Provide further guidance and support based on observed progress.

    • Refine our approach as needed for long-term success.

  • Goal:

    • Ensure long-term success in managing and improving your cat's behaviour.

  • Target Audience:

    • Ideal for first-time cat owners.

    • Suitable for those introducing a new cat or kitten into a home with or without existing pets.

  • Key Focus Areas:

    • Creating a welcoming and safe environment for the new cat or kitten.

    • Facilitating proper introductions to other pets and family members.

    • Establishing initial routines and boundaries for the new feline.

  • Purpose:

    • Ensure a smooth and stress-free introduction of a new cat or kitten to your home.

  • Outcome:

    • Set the stage for a positive and lasting relationship between you and your new kitty.

  • Focus:

    • Enhancing your cat's environment and overall well-being.

  • Key Elements:

    • Discussion and implementation of enrichment strategies.

    • Stimulation of your cat's physical and mental health.

  • Training Aspects:

    • Includes basic training techniques.

    • Tailored to your cat's unique personality and needs.

  • Objectives:

    • Foster better communication between you and your cat.

    • Reinforce positive behaviour in your cat.

  • Goal:

    • Provide a stimulating and engaging environment for your cat.

    • Lead to a more content and well-behaved feline companion.

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