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All About Cats

Cat Behaviour & Training Services

Assisting cats and their people in achieving
their most fulfilling lives together.

Welcome to All About Cats!

Our services, guided by the Fear Free and LIMA (Least Intrusive, Minimally Aversive) principles, are focused on minimising stress and promoting positive experiences for cats. We specialise in customised behaviour counselling and training, tailored to each cat's unique needs.

Our goal is to strengthen the bond between cats and their owners, fostering trust, understanding, and long-lasting relationships. This way, we aim at reducing the rate of cats returned after adoption and abandonments.

Why Might a Cat Behaviour Consultation be Needed?

A behaviour consultation can be immensely beneficial for several reasons:

  • Preventive advice
    Before behavioural problems arise, it's vital to set a positive foundation. Whether you're preparing to welcome a new cat into your home or looking to optimise the wellbeing of your current cat, our preventive advice can help ward off potential behavioural issues and enhance your cat's quality of life. We focus on creating a supportive environment that meets all of your cat's physical and emotional needs.

  • Positive reinforcement based training
    Cats' wellbeing can greatly benefit from targeted training. Training your cat can serve multiple purposes, from reducing stress during medical procedures to enhancing their overall wellbeing. Our approach includes teaching you how to train your cat for various practical purposes, such as accepting medication or cooperating during vet visits, all through fear-free and effective methods, based exclusively on positive reinforcement.

  • Problematic behaviours
    If your cat is exhibiting signs of behavioural issues, such as inter-cat or human-directed aggression, excessive meowing, or litter box avoidance, it is essential to address these concerns promptly. We provide customised solutions that focus on modifying the environment and employing positive reinforcement training techniques. However, it is paramount to first rule out any underlying medical or neurological issues, so we request that a veterinarian evaluates your cat before behavioural counselling begins.

Important consideration

It's fundamental to note that, while we specialise in behavioural training and consulting, we are not veterinarians. Our counselling operates on the principle that all cats should be first assessed by a qualified veterinarian (even better if specialised in behaviour) to exclude medical causes of undesirable behaviour before any other strategies are implemented. Once health concerns are ruled out, we are here to step in and help guide you towards a more peaceful and enjoyable life with your cat. We are very happy to collaborate and communicate with your veterinarian.


Please read more about the difference between a veterinary behaviourist, a clinical animal behaviourist and a cat behaviour consultant here.

  • Inappropriate scratching of furniture

  • Inappropriate elimination (outside of the litter box)

  • Excessive meowing or vocalisation

  • Conflict and aggression (inter-cat or against humans)

  • Fearfulness and anxiety

  • Stress and fear of the transport box, when visiting the vet and when taking medication

We can also provide guidance if you are thinking of getting a cat or introducing a new cat into your household, or if you want to make visits to the vet or taking medicine a less stressful experience.

We can help with the following problematic behaviours (only after a veterinary evaluation has been conducted and medical issues have been excluded):

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I am Silvia and these are my beloved cats, Svante and Niels. 

I am a dedicated and experienced cat behaviour consultant, who understands how important your feline friend is to you.

Whether you're facing behavioural challenges or seeking deeper insights into your cat's actions and needs, I am here to guide and support you. My expertise in cat behaviour and care is rooted in a comprehensive understanding of their distinct personalities and requirements.

I have an extensive knowledge of cat behaviour and care and I understand the unique needs of each cat.

I take pride in offering customised care that meets the specific needs of your cat.

companion animal sciences institute CASI feline Dip.FBST
fear free certified trainer
international association animal behavior consultants membership

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